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I'm Jane, a Strategic Designer & Researcher with a versatile background spanning engineering, finance, and fashion. My journey demonstrates my rapid learning ability and adaptability in diverse industries.


I specialize in crafting practical, strategically-informed design solutions that not only captivate visually but also effectively address user needs and align with business objectives. My approach blends creativity with functionality, ensuring each design is both appealing and results-driven.

Untitled_Artwork 29.png

Currently enriching my skills through a Master's in Experience Design at Northeastern University.

 Select design projects

Farm2you 2.png

Farm 2 You

Service Design, UX/UI Design

Leveraging local farmers' resources to create an accessible and convenient, fresh, locally-sourced produce buying experience.

Story Weaver.png


Product Design, Experience Design

Crafting a unique and personalized storytelling experience for children using AI

Recycling in Boston 2.png

Recycling in Boston


Investigating Boston resident’s recycling knowledge and habits.

AI Matchmaking 2.png

AI Matchmaking

Research, Concept Development

Conceptualizing an AI-enabled experience using matchmaking techniques.

Way2Go Boston.png

Way2Go Boston

Experience Design, Design for Behavior

Improving the MBTA wayfinding experience for a more sustainable Boston.

Riding the Rails.png

Riding the Rails

Data Visualization

Visualizing the ridership patterns of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) across lines, stations, and neighborhoods to aid an interactive exploration.

What’s In Season_ 2.png

What's In Season?

Information Design

Visualizing Massachusetts’ seasonal produce to guide residents on eating a rainbow with local produce.

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