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About Me

With a resourceful and solution-oriented mindset, I tackle complex challenges head-on, leveraging my multidisciplinary skill set to deliver innovative solutions. Currently pursuing a Master's in Experience Design at Northeastern University, I am expanding my expertise in understanding user needs, refining the design process, and creating compelling, user-centered designs.


Driven by my belief in the power of design to create meaningful connections and drive impactful outcomes, I am dedicated to making a difference through every project. Let's collaborate on shaping remarkable experiences that leave a lasting impact.



Pursuing a Master's in Experience Design at Northeastern University and actively searching for co-op opportunities for Summer and Fall 2023.



As a Graduate Assistant

Organized program-related activities and events for Experience Design graduate students, fostering a collaborative and creative Organized program activities and events, enhancing the Experience Design program through research and valuable connections, showcasing my ability to create engaging experiences and cultivate partnerships..

As a Manager and UX Designer

Oversaw operations as a General Manager while collaborating as a UX Designer, conducting user research, usability testing, and redesigning the company's website to bridge the gap between user needs and business objectives.

As a Fashion Designer

Provided personalized experiences, translating clients' visions into tangible designs through consultations, sketches, and illustrations, showcasing my ability to empathize with users and deliver tailored solutions.

As an Investment Banker

Evaluated financial performance and advised on capital structure, leveraging analytical skills and strategic thinking. Conducted market research to understand user behavior and industry dynamics. Facilitated capital raising, mergers, and acquisitions, crafting persuasive narratives for stakeholders and investors.

As a Structural Engineer

Utilized design principles and engineering best practices to ensure structural integrity and safety, honing my attention to detail and problem-solving abilities, essential for identifying user pain points and devising efficient and reliable UX solutions


Obtained a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Benin, Nigeria


In my free time, I indulge in a range of inspiring and creative activities. I immerse myself in crime, law, and detective TV shows, along with thought-provoking documentaries.

Expressing my creativity, I delve into DIY decor, crafts, digital art, and painting.

Exploring new places and traveling are my passion, as they expand my horizons. As an avid music lover, I relish listening to diverse genres.

Writing and journaling serve as outlets for expressing my thoughts and ideas. Lately, I've been exploring new baking recipes, and my banana bread has become a favorite among friends

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